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05/10/2021 Cannabis in Popular Culture

10 Cannabis Celebs to Know

There are so many celebrities from music, media personalities, and from the 'Boob Tube' that are leaping into the cannabis industry. You'll find some very notable names.

Willie Nelson (age 88)

The Red Headed Stranger is a musician, actor, and activist. Willie Nelson's love for cannabis has never been a secret. He launched Willie's Reserve brand in 2016 in Colorado, and spread to Washington, and looked towards California.

He also has a CBD-focused brand called Willie's Remedy that includes flowers, edibles, and vape products. In 2018, infused coffee became available from Willie's Remedy.

Snoop Dogg (age 49)

The talented rapper has sung repeatedly about his fondness for weed in songs. Snoop Dogg was an early entrant to take advantage of the profitable cannabis market.

Snoop Dogg's brand, Leaf's by Snoop, was started in California. Then he partnered with a Canadian company, Liv Well. Leaf's by Snoop is grown and distributed by Tweed, which is owned by Canopy Growth. He also has an e-commerce platform, called Merry Jane, that sells CBD products.

Martha Stewart (age 80)

Martha Stewart is a businesswoman, writer, and a massive leader within the home furnishings sector. According to CNBC (Jan 2021), she became curious about CBD after working with her friend, Snoop Dogg who is a cannabis connoisseur.

The TV personality also partnered with Canopy Growth. She has a line of CBD drops, soft gels, and gummies. Gummies come in delicious flavors like citrus and berry.

Seth Rogen (age 39)

The comedian and actor launched off a cannabis line in 2019 in Canada with Canopy Growth. Seth Rogen collaborated with his writing and producing partner Evan Goldberg.

Houseplant brand started in 2021 being sold in California with selling flowers, lighters, and ashtrays. The first day that the brand premiered, there was so much traffic to the website, it crashed.

Tommy Chong (age 83)

Tommy Chong is famous for his role in the weed-based comedic movies and albums, Cheech and Chong. Tommy has most likely been invested in cannabis the longest of all the current celebrities.

Tommy's brand is called Tommy Chong's. Started in California in 2015 and has spread to multiple recreational states. A notable product that Tommy sells is called 'The Chonger". It is an enormous joint that contains a fifth of cannabis. Yes, that's 3.5 grams!

Jim Belushi (age 67)

An established actor in his own right, Jim Belushi is the brother of the late John Belushi, a comedian known for his skits on Saturday Night Live.

Jim is cultivating 93 acres of cannabis on Rogue River in southern Oregon. His focus is on being healthy, with cannabis. Belushi's products can now be found in Oregon, Colorado, and Illinois.

B-Real (age 51)

B-Real, the rapper from Cypress Hill launched his first dispensary store in 2018. Since then he has branched out and now owns a total of six dispensaries. 

The dispensaries are named Dr. Greenthumbs. B-Real has also partnered with Sweet Water Brewing Company to develop a cannabis-infused drink, OG Mexican-style lager.

Jay-Z (age 51)

The hip-hop star and entrepreneur, Jay-Z started a luxury line of cannabis called Monogram in 2020. Partnering with cannabis company Caliva and Left Coast Ventures, Jay-Z set out to make and promote this high shelf California cannabis. 

Jay-Z offers premium flowers and prerolls. The 'OG Handroll' is a joint hand-rolled by artesian's. Small batch runs of prized cannabis are used to fill a joint that is 1.5 grams of premium cannabis flower.

Jerry Garcia (deceased)

Jerry Garcia was the lead guitarist and singer of The Grateful Dead. His daughters partnered with Holistic Industries to produce flowers, prerolls, and gummies shaped like guitar picks.

Presently available in California and Massachusetts, this product's packaging uses the imagery of the counterculture of the 1970s. The containers are decorated with psychedelic layouts.

Bob Marley (deceased)

Bob Marley spent his life singing about healing herbs and unity. His family launched the Marley Natural line in Los Angeles, California in 2016. It is now available in dispensaries in Washington as well.

Marley's family started this brand to honor and pay respect to his love of the herb. They use independent growers that practice responsible farming. There are 4 sun-grown varieties of flower, and an indoor-grown flower line, prerolls, and vape cartridges.

Celebrity Rollup

As cannabis moves forward to win the approval of society, it will continue to be high on the radar of some personalities. Partnerships and endorsements will become even more popular. Consumers will be drawn to try these celebrity cannabis brands as culture continues to look to celebrities for lifestyle guidance.

Written by Teresa Martin, Copywriter: Cannabis, Hemp, Medical