About Us

What Is Our Mission?

Cannabis Reader Evolution

The Cannabis Reader consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds. You, as our valued counterparts, will have decades of experience to draw from. We, the Cannabis Reader staff, are all jointly focused on producing quality, trusted cannabis content for our readers.

Annually, the leading Cannabis Edibles Expo and Cannabis Drinks Expo in the United States are presented by the Beverage Trade Network. These are professional B2B trade events, drawing people from all over the country. The goal of the expos is to promote innovation and shared knowledge within the cannabis industry.

Sid Patel, CEO, and Founder of BTN and event promoter, along with his associates saw a great need to keep informational education open and flowing beyond the trade shows. With the outpouring of support for the legalization of cannabis across the country, the Cannabis Reader was born.

The Cannabis Reader encompasses talent from the cannabis and hemp industries, the beverage industry, alternative medicine, top editorial writing and content production, and innovative marketing.  We all have a singular goal and that is to provide news and information that is interesting and reliable as well as entertaining.

Who Are Our Readers?

We welcome cannabis professionals everywhere and anyone interested in learning about cannabis as a medicine or for adult recreational consumption. Occasionally we will talk about other alternative medicines to grow your base of knowledge. We will touch on a variety of natural medicines that are being developed today.

We recognize all inquisitive, intellectual people that want to educate themselves. You will come away with a clearer picture and hopefully further your interest in cannabis. We want people hungry for information. We will blend an array of interesting topics to serve up for your pleasure.

Our Vision

The Cannabis Reader will focus on the numerous aspects of cannabis and how that applies to degrees of the human experience. We will cover news, culture, lifestyle, finance, and anything that is trending in the cannabis world. If you want to know, we will aim to provide clear, consistent, and well-researched knowledge.

There are so many components to learning about cannabis, hemp, and alternative medicines. The Cannabis Reader has a mission to help you navigate these incredibly fascinating topics with ease. We look forward to growing along with our readership.

We will strive to make the world of cannabis business, medicine, education, and culture a bit more clear and comfortable. With a focus on the present and an eye on the future of what is ever-evolving within the cannabis and alternative medicine realm. This is the vision of our team at the Cannabis Reader magazine.

Thank you for being a part of our vision.

Cannabis Reader Editorial Team.