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Cannabis Moon Rocks: Celestial Journey

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02/02/2023 SkyRocket Your Cannabis Experience with Moon Rocks

Tiny nuggets of pure delight, called moon rocks, are a cannabis connoisseur's celestial dream. Where did they originate? How are they made? How do you consume them? What kind of effects can be expected? 

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are cannabis buds wrapped in a lovely kief blanket, with hash oil as the beautiful sheet that snuggles three different cannabis products together. Now that may be a dreamy way of describing moon rocks, but still very accurate.

A magnificent cannabis flower bud is dipped into or sprayed with an oil extract. The sticky nugget is then rolled in a potent layer of kief. It can be doubled sprayed and rolled again. The result is a pretty little moon rock. When several buds are treated to this process, you then have a collection of moon rocks.

Hash oil is a robust extraction from cannabis. It is a strong oil containing many psychoactive properties. Kief is the resinous crystals or trichomes that are taken from the cannabis bud. Kief holds a potent combination of cannabinoids and THC. When you combine all these powerful components, you can have an out-of-this-world experience.

How Strong are Cannabis Moon Rocks?

Look up at the sky. How high is the moon? Imagine you are flying through the atmosphere. Now you are shooting straight through space headed for the moon. Yeah, for some people it's so intense, it's like being strapped to a supercharged rocket shooting through the heavens. 

Moon rocks are very potent even for an experienced cannabis consumer. THC hovers around 50% potency. In comparison, most top-shelf premium cannabis strains have ratios that are around 20% - 30% THC. The precise measurement will vary with each batch of cannabis, the strength of the hash oil, and the kief. (

Extracts such as CBD oil or concentrated hash oil are used to kick up the level of effectiveness. Then an additional layer of one, two, three punch is added when the sticky bud and oil is rolled in a dry sift powder (also known as kief). 

Where Did Moon Rocks Come From?

The origin of moon rocks has its roots in the deep association of hip hop music and the cannabis community. Moon rocks are the innovation of former Death Row Records Executive VP, Kurupt - Ricardo E. Brown and music artist, Dr. Zodiac - Daniel Laughlin. (

Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak met in 2013. They quickly went from working together on a mixtape to initiating the first brand of cannabis moon rocks. The advent of Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak's Moon Rocks spurred others into creating their own brand of cosmic moon rocks.

Historically, the strain of cannabis cultivar that was used for the base bud of moon rocks was Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Today, any strain of cannabis can be used. Even hemp cultivars can be used as the base bud.

Hemp and hemp-derived oils usually don't have psychoactive effects from THC. A hemp flower bud can be used with an extract that contains one or more of the other cannabinoids such as CBD or CBN. And of course, then covered in kief from the hemp flower. 

Key Points for Consuming Cannabis Moon Rocks

An experienced cannabis consumer, even one with a high tolerance can find moon rocks overwhelming. There are a few recommendations to keep in mind before consuming moon rocks. 

1) Purchase from a reputable dispensary
2) Start slow and low
3) Eat and drink water
4) Consume in a calm safe place
5) Allow several hours for your journey 

Are there Negative Effects?

There can be drawbacks to smoking moon rocks. Even someone with a high tolerance to elevated THC levels can experience some of these side effects.

1) anxiety
2) cough 
3) elevated heart rate
4) dry eyes and mouth
5) memory problems

Where Can I Find Moon Rocks?

Quality cannabis moon rocks will be found at leading dispensaries that sell top-shelf cannabis. Moon rocks are considered one of the premium cannabis products. If you are in a state where cannabis is legal, contact your nearest dispensary and check the menus.

Moon rocks are sometimes referred to by the name 'cannabis caviar' because of the components being of top-shelf quality. Caviar is a bud infused with hash oil. No additional kief is involved. When shopping, you can now have a clear distinction between the two products.

Can I Make Moon Rocks Myself?

Yes! The process is simple but generally messy. Take any cannabis bud and deposit hash oil on the bud with an eyedropper. Make sure to drip oil into all the crevices. You can handle the extremely sticky bud with a pair of tweezers. Roll the bud into kief bought from a dispensary. You can also use the kief from your own grinder to coat the bud. 

How Do You Consume Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are made to be fired up and smoked. A small portion is torn off and placed in a pipe or a bong. The resinous oil makes it sometimes hard to light. 

A bong might be a better alternative or any glass smoking device. Smoking cannabis moon rocks can develop voluminous clouds. Make sure to smoke in an area that is private and won't disturb others around you. 

Whatever the preferred method of consumption is, take it very slowly with this product. Even a seasoned cannabis consumer can be highly affected by a small amount. 

THC in cannabis moon rocks is extremely elevated. Moon rocks also contain other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, depending on the strain, bringing a potent all-encompassing Entourage Effect.

Mission Debriefing re: Moon Rocks

You now have a better idea of what cannabis moon rocks are. There is a richness to every aspect of this wonderful cannabis plant. Are you ready to partake in something that lifts you on the winds?

A voyage to outer space may be in your future. Suit up, sit back and relax. The countdown is about to commence. A lunar trip to blast you through the heavens. Enjoy!

Written by Teresa Martin: Content Marketing Strategist Cannabis, Hemp, Alt Medicine