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Cannabis-Infused Energy Drinks: A New Buzz In The Beverage Industry

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17/07/2023 Unleashing a new era of energy drinks with infused cannabis, combining stimulation and wellness for a one-of-a-kind boost.

The beverage industry never stops innovating, constantly seeking new ways to captivate consumers with unique and enticing products. One such trend that has gained considerable momentum in recent years is the introduction of cannabis-infused beverages, with cannabis-infused energy drinks emerging as a new and exciting player in the market. These beverages offer a combination of two popular elements – the energizing effects of traditional energy drinks and the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Let's explore the rise of cannabis-infused energy drinks and some of the best cannabis-infused energy drinks available in the market.

Cannabis-infused energy drinks combine the stimulating properties of traditional energy drinks with the potential health benefits associated with cannabis. With the legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes in several countries and states, the demand for cannabis-infused products has skyrocketed. This demand extends to the beverage industry, where consumers are increasingly seeking alternatives to traditional energy drinks that offer a more natural and holistic approach to energy enhancement. One of the main attractions of cannabis-infused energy drinks is the potential health benefits associated with cannabis compounds, particularly cannabidiol (CBD). Presented below are examples of some of the top cannabis-infused energy drinks currently offered in the market.

Hi5 Cannabis Infused Energy Drink combines the energizing properties of traditional energy drinks with the potential benefits of cannabis. Crafted with a unique blend of ingredients, including CBD and other cannabis extracts, Hi5 offers a refreshing and invigorating experience like no other.

Hi5 Cannabis Infused Energy Drink

Source: Forbes

Gym Weed Energy Drink is a cutting-edge beverage designed to enhance your workout experience through the infusion of cannabis extracts. With its unique blend of energizing ingredients, this drink aims to provide a boost of energy and focus while incorporating the potential benefits of cannabinoids.


Hemp Energy Drink is known for its refreshing and revitalizing properties. Infused with hemp extracts and a blend of natural ingredients, it provides an energizing experience while incorporating the potential therapeutic benefits of hemp-derived compounds.

Hemp Drink

Source: Hemp Drink

Vibations High + Energy Drink Mix is a unique blend infused with natural caffeine sourced from guarana and full-spectrum cannabis extracts. Each mix is carefully dosed for precision and crafted with all-natural ingredients. Packed with essential vitamins and electrolytes, every sip of this mix provides not only a powerful energy boost but also optimal hydration. 

Keef's THC-infused energy drinks are designed to provide a balanced and uplifting experience, these beverages offer varying THC dosages, ranging from 10 MG to 100 MG, depending on your state's regulations. Each can also contain approximately 90 MG of caffeine, providing an energizing kick. Keef Energy is available in two tantalizing flavors: FLO, a burst of tropical fruits, and High Octane, expertly blended with citrus.

Keef's THC-infused energy drinks

Source: Keef Brands

Cannabis Energy Drink is a unique and fascinating beverage brand that combines the finest ingredients found in high-quality energy drinks with a special twist. Its delightful sweet flavor is enhanced with the addition of hemp seed extract. Packed with caffeine, taurine, and a range of Vitamins B, Cannabis Energy Drink delivers its energizing effects effectively while ensuring a delicious taste experience.

Cannabis-infused energy drinks are creating a buzz in the beverage industry, presenting consumers with a fresh and captivating choice for boosting their energy levels. These drinks combine the invigorating effects of traditional energy drinks with the potential health advantages of cannabis, delivering a distinctive and well-rounded experience. As the market progresses and regulations adjust, we can anticipate the introduction of even more innovative cannabis-infused beverages that cater to the rising demand for natural and functional products. Experience the buzz and meet enthusiastic cannabis beverage entrepreneurs at Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco on the 27th of July, and in Chicago on the 1st of August 2023.

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Article By Tushar Anand, Beverage Writer & Sommelier