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The Top Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivators

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20/04/2022 Greenhouse cultivation has piqued the curiosity of cannabis growers. It is a fantastic alternative for cannabis farmers since it is simple, cheap, and effective.

Cannabis grown in a greenhouse combines indoor and outdoor cultivation advantages. Because greenhouse-grown cannabis relies on natural sunshine, it appeals to some farmers. Cannabis cultivation in greenhouses is becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. Growing in a greenhouse has many advantages:

 - The ability to grow all year, with supplemental lighting

 - Perfect microclimate

 - Consistent and predictable harvests

 - Increased energy efficiency

 - No requirement for pesticides 

 - Protection from harmful factors

A greenhouse is especially advantageous for novice growers, but experienced businesses are now exploring them. Let’s look at some of the top greenhouse cannabis cultivators. 

Hexo Corp.

HEXO is a multi-award-winning licensed producer of cutting-edge cannabis products for the global market. HEXO Corp is one of Canada's largest licensed cannabis producers, with 2 million square feet of facilities in Ontario and Quebec. The Hydropothecary Corporation was founded in 2013 to fulfill the needs of the Canadian medical cannabis market. With the legalization of marijuana in 2018, the Company changed its name to HEXO Corp, which caters to both the adult-use (recreational) and medical markets.

Hexo Corp

Image Source: The Green Fund, Hexo Corp 

With brands like HEXO, UP Cannabis, Namaste Original Stash, 48North, Trail Mix, Bake Sale, REUP, and Latitude, HEXO caters to recreational and medical markets in Canada Israel and Malta. Through its Powered by HEXO approach and Truss CBD USA, a joint venture with Molson-Coors, the Company also services the Colorado market. HEXO is Canada's biggest cannabis products firm by recreational market share, thanks to its acquisitions of Redecan and 48North.

Copperstate Farms 

Copperstate Farms is dedicated to bringing best practices from the agricultural, consumer packaged products, and pharmaceutical industries to the cannabis industry. The Farm at Snowflake began as a hydroponic tomato greenhouse in 1998 in what is now acknowledged as an outstanding farming topography and environment. Copperstate Farms purchased the Snowflake assets from NatureSweet in 2016. Copperstate Farms is now one of Arizona's and the United States' largest medicinal marijuana greenhouses.

Since then, it has been on a quick growth strategy, which has assisted the company in lowering manufacturing costs by increasing efficiency and enhancing return on investment. "We believe that by combining the correct infrastructure, methods, and beneficial elements with a strong Integrated Pest Management Program, we can achieve greenhouse grows comparable to fully controlled-environment indoor production," says Copperstate CEO Pankaj Talwar. "We feel that growing this way is more sustainable in the long run and that the sun is the ideal light source for allowing the plant to reach its full potential."

Copperstate Farms

Image Source: Greenhouse Growers, Copperstate Farms 

Copperstate Farms' greenhouse lighting system, developed in collaboration with LumiGrow, is helping to create a more sustainable sector. While providing this show-stopping purple light, our custom-tailored LumiGrow environment saves 40% on greenhouse electricity. Copperstate Farms continues to use cutting-edge LumiGrow technologies, such as smart lighting and NASA-inspired solar data to grow consistent, high-quality cannabis while positively impacting the industry.

Los Suenos Farms

Los Sueos Farms LLC owns 36 acres of farmland in Pueblo County, Colorado. It rents to four Colorado-licensed retail marijuana growers: Farmboy LLC, Baseball 18 LLC, Los Sueos LLC, and Emerald Fields Grow LLC. Los Suenos four farms are located in Pueblo, Colorado, which is gradually garnering respect as the cannabis industry's future. The firm owns farmland and greenhouses (36 acres of outdoor production and 36,000 square feet of controlled-environment production), which leases them to four Colorado-licensed merchants. 

Los Suenos Farms

Image Source: Los Suenos Farms

Los Suenos manages pests with beneficial insects and promotes this method in their marketing materials. It openly shares production advice for growing high-quality produce. Los Suenos produces approximately 5 to 6 tons of the crop during outdoor harvest, then processed in a drying barn. Fresh frozen, whole bud, popcorn, pre-rolls, and trim are some of their products.

Solaris Farms

Solaris is a large-scale industrial hybrid greenhouse production in Las Vegas, Nevada, competing in the most cannabis-friendly state in the US, boasting brand recognition, tax perks, and stock market appeal. The Solaris team understands that a high-quality crop comes from the ground up, so the company has produced top genetics and adapted them to the desert environment with hybrid greenhouses that use a data-driven and technology-oriented growth approach.

Solaris farms

Image Source: Solaris farms

As a result, interior quality is available at outdoor costs and sizes. The greenhouse's temperature controls are suited to the desert's extremes, and a three-level shading system, along with sensors and data management, helps to assure crop quality. Solaris is on its way to vertical integration, with automated fertigation and controls that help monitor the greenhouse environment. It is currently expanding, with a greenhouse design that has been altered for various plant outputs and cost factors. The fundraising process has begun with initial financial pledges. Solaris also plans to build a major production hosting facility, bolstering the Solaris brand with partners who cover the whole consumer product spectrum.

Village Farms 

Village Farms combines years of experience as a large-scale, Controlled Environment Agriculture-based, fully integrated supplier for high-value, rising plant-based Consumer Packaged Goods opportunities with a solid base as a leading fresh produce supplier to grocery and large-format retailers across the United States and Canada, as well as new high-growth opportunities in the cannabis and CBD products in North America and selected international markets.

Village farms

Image Source: Village farms

The company announced a joint venture deal with Emerald Health Therapeutics, transforming a portion of its Ladner, BC, greenhouse plant into a state-of-the-art greenhouse for medical and recreational cannabis cultivation. The joint venture's introduction was a game-changing opportunity to generate a more profitable agricultural commodity.  Emerald Health Therapeutics, established in Victoria, British Columbia, has a license to cultivate and sell medicinal cannabis flowers and oils. The joint venture hopes to become Canada's lowest-cost, highest-quality cannabis producer by partnering with Village Farms.

Cresco Labs 

As one of the largest multistate vertically integrated cannabis enterprises, Cresco controls its cultivation, manufacturing, extraction, and packaging methods. At every stage of the seed-to-sale process, Cresco labs are involved. World-class agronomists, manufacturing experts, and cutting-edge agricultural equipment contribute to our commitment to quality, purity, and consistency. It packages, ships, and distributes its items throughout the United States, including at the team's locations. Cresco Labs is developing a separate portfolio of brands aligned to various consumers, need states, and events, based on the basics of CPG brand building.

Cresco Lab Greenhouse Cultivation Facility

Image Source: Cresco labs, Cresco Lab Greenhouse Cultivation Facility 

Cresco labs strive to standardize operational practices through detailed documentation, in-depth, hands-on employee training, and the implementation of "best-practice" strategies to ensure a consistent, uniform cultivation model that allows for the continuous production of a high-quality flower. Each cultivar's growing technique is regulated to ensure that each plant receives the precise care to thrive. Data and analytics are critical when designing effective strategies at each production level. Its farming operation is built based on comprehensive, accurate data collection. The labs employ data to build best-practice cultivation tactics to attain consistent, homogeneous, and high-quality production at every stage.

Glass House Farms

Glass House Farms cultivates cannabis in state-of-the-art, spotless-clean, climate-controlled greenhouses. It was the first producer in Santa Barbara County to successfully navigate the bureaucratic maze to become a licensed greenhouse cultivator. This accomplishment took owner Graham Farrar a long time to achieve.  “I think we are making society a better place,” Farrar says. “Our workers are able to take care of their families better. We are moving stigmas and helping with the drug war. Cannabis has so many positive aspects. I realize that viewpoint isn’t shared universally yet. There’s a great quote I like that applies, ‘The future is here; it just isn’t equally distributed.’” ( Source: Green house growers)

Gladd House Cultivation Facility

Image Source: Green house growers, Gladd House Cultivation Facility

The Glass House Farms team has one goal: to produce cannabis at volume while preserving quality. As a result, a dependable, high-quality product becomes more widely available. Glass House Farms uses photoperiod lamps and light deprivation to maintain a continuous harvest cycle. The greenhouses are separated into different areas. There is constantly an area that workers are cleaning, one where they are planting, another loaded with growing plants, and one harvested in the continuous cycle.


FlowerOne is Nevada's largest marijuana cultivator, producer, and full-service brand fulfillment partner. With over 20 years of greenhouse experience, the company provides reliable and scalable fulfillment to a growing number of industry-leading cannabis brands. The 400,000 square-foot greenhouse and 55,000-square-foot production facility at Flower One is utilized for large-scale cannabis growing, processing, and manufacture. It also has a second production facility in Las Vegas. Flower One has assembled a world-class team dedicated to becoming the first high-quality, low-cost brand fulfillment partner.

Flower one

Image Source: Flower One

Flower One's annual production capacity ranges from 100,000 to 110,000 pounds of dry flower. Flower One offers a wide range of products for the top-performing cannabis companies, ranging from wholesale flower, full-spectrum oils, and distillates to finished consumer packaged goods like flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, candies, beverages, and topicals.

Article By Aakriti Rawat, Beverage Trade Network 

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