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Popular Cannabis Edibles Brands, Made Vegan

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15/02/2022 Here are 8 Popular Cannabis-Infused Edibles Brands that you ought to know

Cannabis Edibles are a popular way to consume cannabis. Many don’t like, and simply can’t smoke, so cannabis edibles are the best, and many times the most discreet way to consume cannabis. As the cannabis industry continues to grow by states legalizing cannabis in some way, cannabis edibles brands continue to make their way around the industry. As a vegan, my focus is plant-based products, infused with cannabis and so, the focus below will be vegan cannabis-infused edibles.

For those not quite familiar with what vegan is, here’s the simplest explanation: vegan food, edibles, beverages, and so on, are made with zero animal and/or animal by-products. In a vegan edible/product- no animals, and nothing that comes from an animal, is used to create the product.

There are so many benefits to eating vegan, Healthline outlines 6 of those reasons:

  • A vegan diet is richer in certain nutrients.
  • It can help you lose excess weight.
  • It appears to lower blood sugar levels and improve kidney function.
  • A vegan diet may protect against certain cancers.
  • It's linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

Cannabis-infused gummies

Cannabis-Infused Gummies

8 Popular Cannabis-Infused Edibles Brands:

  • Korasana makes amazing vegan gummies, infused with CBD, other plants like elderberry, and other cannabinoids like CBN.
  • Sunday Scaries makes vegan gummies and tinctures focused on people with anxiety. Their tinctures are infused with vitamins like B-12 and D-3.
  • Plain Jane D8 Gummies come in 3 flavors, these gummies are infused with 25mg of CBG. 25mg per gummy is definitely packing a punch.
  • Periodic Edibles makes vegan edibles called: balanced caramel chews, infused with 50 mg of cannabis, and terpenes Limonene and Terpinolene.
  • Wyld, one of the most recognized brands in the industry, makes a variety of vegan-infused edibles and beverages.
  • Wana makes vegan and gluten-free gummies in a variety of flavors, using broad-spectrum hemp.
  • Teajuana is a brand focused on cannabis-infused beverages such as coffee, teas, and sugar cubes. Their brand is for those that want a modern twist to a classic beverage.
  • Utopia makes infused vegan and gluten-free baked goods in a world filled with gummies, and vegans appreciate that! Utopia makes vegan cannabis-infused cookies and macaroons.

We would love to hear from you! Comment below and let us know who is making vegan-infused cakes, muffins, hard candies, and cupcakes.

Author: Veronica Castillo - The Traveling Cannabis Writer. Veronica Castillo is a writer from Miami, FL, that lives her life on the road, exploring all things cannabis and hemp in the United States.