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Ingenious Cannabis Beverage Companies to Keep an Eye On

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04/02/2022 Shifting to Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Cannabis beverages are becoming increasingly popular across the world for several reasons. They are discreet, portable, have a faster onset time than edibles, and are a healthier alternative to smoking or vaping. Cannabis drink brands are answering the call from consumers that want an adult beverage that speaks to their moods and health.

Enter a plethora of worldwide emphasis on cannabis-infused beverages. Even restaurants, cafes, hotels, and bars are getting into cannabis drinks to meet the demand for beverages that quench the thirst for healthier adult libations.

Who to Watch Globally

Want to know who to keep your eye on? The Cannabis Reader has gathered a list of national and international players and described some of their latest creations.

The forward-looking momentum for the cannabis drinks industry is expected to globally eclipse 2.8 billion by 2025 according to Grandview Research. The goal is to increase national and international partnerships to develop leading brands and increase distribution routes as cannabis legalization gains momentum.

Without further ado, let's see who is shaking things up, here and abroad.

Brilliant Global Cannabis Beverage Innovators

(In no particular order)

Cannacraft in partnership with Lagunitas Brewing Company, (a California division of Heineken) and AbsoluteXtracts,  markets Hi-Fi Hops. Lagunitas and AbsoluteXtracts hit one out of the ballpark. Hi-Fi Hops, a cannabis-infused sparkling beverage with plenty of hoppy taste but nothing heavy. Zero calories, carbs, sugar, and non-alcoholic and come in 2 different dosing options. A total win-win. Available currently in dispensaries in California and Colorado.

SweetWater Brewing Company, owned by Tilray, makes BC Lager in partnership with Broken Coast Cannabis of Canada. It doesn't contain cannabis, yet it stays true to the specialty craft cannabis flavor profiles that have made Broken Coast Cannabis so popular. It is inspired by the aromas of key lime pie and orange zest. It is exclusively available in the United States.

Pabst Brewing Company makes a refreshing seltzer beverage called High Seltzer. This tasty drink is available in 12 oz cans in four different flavors. Current offerings include lemon, strawberry-kiwi, mango blood orange, and passionfruit pineapple made from top-quality California cannabis. Each can is infused with either 5mg or 10mg of THC for a light buzz. This is achieved using an emulsion process powered by Vertosa, a leading cannabis infusion technology company.

Cann produces social tonics, available in 7.5 oz cans, with 2 mg of THC and 4 mg CBD. These beverages are just enough to experience a light-hearted buzz without alcohol. All-natural flavors like lemon with lavender, blood orange Cardamone, and a Lite version with grapefruit and rosemary complete these wonderful selections.

House of Saka was founded in 2018 between cannabis industry leader Cynthia Salarizadeh and wine industry entrepreneur Tracey Mason. This brand is made by women for women and focused on providing luxury non-alcoholic beverages with extraordinary cannabinoid infusion technology. Today, the choices include Pink that has fresh strawberries, elderflower, and a hint of citrus. White exhibits peach, apricot, toasty oak, buttery vanilla, and a splash of tropical fruit. Spark has strain-specific live resin of Mimosa and features orange blossoms and tangerine. These contributions bring the cross of wine and cannabis into the mainstream.

Quatreau is a.sparkling water in four different natural flavor combinations and the first venture into cannabis-infused beverages between Constellation Brands (makers of Corona) and cannabis giant Canopy Growth. These sparkling waters are low calorie, have no sugar, high flavor profile, and target the mood that is being sought from the consumer.

Rebel Coast, since 2012 has endeavored to compliment the best moments of life. Using only the finest ingredients, this company offers wild west-coast feels with no-calorie or low-calorie blends of natural flavors and premium THC extracts. In 2017 Rebel Coast broke out with Sauvage Pink Passion, a non-alcoholic beverage sourced with the finest California grapes and cannabis infusion technology. Seltzers are now offered as well in 12 oz cans with traditional flavors of lemon-lime, black cherry, and mixed berry.

VCC Brands, a plant-based wellness company founded in 2008 offers unique products such as mocktail mixers. The Cannabis Quenchers or CQ can be sipped or mixed and shared making 20-50 cocktails in different ratios of THC and CBD. Some of the fun flavors include wildberry guava, raspberry hibiscus, and blackberry lemonade with lime. VCC also has a specialty cold-brewed Subtle Tea in a variety of flavors infused with CBD and or THC depending on the flavor.

Many other global beverage, distribution, and cannabis companies are looking at cannabis-infused drinks as an enormously growing category. Global players worth mentioning are Dixie Brands, Inc. (the largest distributor in North America) CanCore Concepts (Keef Brands), Hexo Corp., The New Age Beverage Corp., The Alkaline Water Co., Koios Beverage Corp., and Phivida Holdings, Inc. (Owned by Choom) Truly, a large-scale effort to satisfy the thirsts of many.

The growth of cannabis-infused beverages is spectacular. Keep your eyes peeled for even more offerings from these and more beverage companies. This is the fastest-growing sector of the cannabis world.

Where Can I Find Cannabis-Infused Beverages?

To shop for these outstanding cannabis-infused beverages, or if you would like to learn more about the cannabis businesses mentioned in this article, follow the links below. Some products are currently only offered in specific regions, while others are available for sale nationally or even internationally. Enjoy honest refreshment!