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Cannabis Retail - Budtender Is it for You?

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06/03/2023 Revelation: Outstanding Budtender Traits

So, do you think you may want to be a budtender? Want to know what kind of personality works best in cannabis retail? What topics do you need to be educated on? What does the work entail? What is the pay like? How can you make a positive difference?

Budtender Jobs Everywhere, but What is It?

A budtender is a person educated and fluent in cannabis. This position is characterized by the employee being able to recommend different cannabis products, strains, and consumption methods to each customer at the point of sale.

A budtender is a face-to-face contact for promoting the health benefits of marijuana to consumers. This role is a specialized retail position that might require previous cannabis knowledge or the ability to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment. Sometimes certifications are required before you can be hired. 

You will need customer service experience or a desire to learn in a sometimes hectic world. A budtender should be a quick study and a multitasker. Many elements of retail sales will be wrapped up in one spot. 

A budtender should have a soft spot for people's needs yet know when to advance the customer to the next level of the sale. Servicing the requests of customers in a timely and efficient manner will be necessary.

Budtender in Cannabis Industry

Why Work in Cannabis Retail?

I have heard some crazy answers to 'Why do you want to work in the cannabis industry?'. The preposterous remarks range from, 'It's so cool!' to, 'I get a discount on weed.' This is not supposed to be playtime at work. This is serious business. Many people will depend on your education and dedication to the cannabis plant.

This is an opportunity to help make someone's life more tolerable, a bit better. The reward for working in the cannabis industry comes from the satisfaction of doing a good job helping people. There is no comparison to that feeling.

The cannabis industry is a tough but inspiring place to work. The industry is still in its infancy. Rules and new regulations, from state to state, can be a daunting challenge to keep up with. Flexibility will likely be needed to be a good budtender.

There are many different people from all walks of life in this industry. We are all learning about cannabis at the same time, just maybe not at the same pace. That is fine. This difference breeds diversity in the cannabis field. We need diversity to have the ability to help different consumers across this great country, feel comfortable with their decision-making processes.

Budtender need to know

What Does a Budtender Need to Know?

First, as a patient/recreational wellness advisor you will be making recommendations to customers based on the needs they describe. Basic knowledge of cannabis, cannabinoids, terpenes, and various strains will be required to steer your patients to the appropriate products.

You will need an understanding of the different methods of consumption and the approximate onset time of each product. Continuing education is important to be a partner with the consumer. Information in all fields of cannabis study is continually being updated and discovered.

If hired, presumably there would be continuing educational training provided as well, from your employer. Going into an interview for a budtender position with a fundamental understanding of what is gained from consuming marijuana, is key.

Overwhelmed yet? Don't be. If you have some essential personality traits, you could be a good fit for a budtender position. 

Qualities make a Great Budtender

What Qualities Make a Great Budtender?

The number one attribute of a potential budtender is people skills. You should like to interact with people. Challenges should be met with enthusiasm and kindness. If you enjoy the fast-paced nature of retail and talking with new people every few minutes, you might enjoy being a budtender.

Smiling and thanking people genuinely for their business is a great way to show customers that you appreciate them. Looking people in their eyes and acknowledging their needs is crucial in giving great service as a budtender. These are some standard retail employee traits that can positively translate to the cannabis field. 

Do you enjoy helping people feel better? Do you like being a part of the solution? This is an excellent quality to have in the cannabis field. Cannabis is about natural healing. We strive to present an opportunity for consumers to be a part of making their own lives better. Budtending should be a partnership between the customer and the dispensary employee. 

Now, the glue that holds all this together is teamwork. You will most likely have a retail team that you can count on, and they will lean on you. Retail can be crazy sometimes and you must be able to help your coworkers as well as attend to your work. 

What Will I Be Doing as a Budtender?

In addition to fundamental tasks of retail such as inventory, cash management, data entry, company compliance, and problem-solving, you could expect to be pitching in on light store maintenance. (What?!)

Organizational skills are important to keep your workspace attractive and free of clutter. This will be helpful when switching from one customer to the next. Don't get lost in your workstation.

Each customer will have different requests. You will be expected to listen attentively, present a solution and clearly steer the conversation toward a place where you can close the sale with confidence you made a good recommendation.

This is how you get loyalty and return customers. They need to know they can trust the information they are provided. They usually like to know, someone cares enough to help.


What is the Pay Scale Like?

Most likely you will never get rich as a budtender. The pay scale is in the lower range of cannabis positions. The pay rate can be adjusted for previous cannabis experience, certifications held, and education. 

According to, as of February 27, 2023, the average budtender salary is around $37,528 per year. The range can be anywhere from $33,441 to $41,868. This will vary from state to state as well.

As stated earlier in this article, rewards in this industry are not all monetary. Intrinsic benefits could be a heavy bonus in a budtending position. The possibility does exist for career advancement through the retail channels too. 

Have a Shot at Being a Budtender?

If you feel you have outstanding people skills, the will to learn and the desire to help people, give the cannabis industry a try. You may surprise yourself with the satisfaction of a good day's work and the knowledge that you made a difference in someone's life.


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