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Budtender – Your Local Guide to Cannabis

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20/04/2022 Looking for someone who can help you find the right weed? Meet Budtenders, who are here to help you understand cannabis products better.

Where do you go to buy your dose of medicinal marijuana or your recreational ready-to-smoke cannabis bud? The most probable guess is your local cannabis dispensary. But do you always know which type of cannabis bud to buy?

Cannabis has been shown to help with everything from reducing anxiety and treating insomnia to relief from chronic pain and stress and getting a feeling of joy. But there is not one single type of cannabis in the market that does all jobs.

Most cannabis in the market is either Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid of the two species and so choosing one type of cannabis bud that tailors your need can be tricky. Particularly when you are not well aware of the symptoms one gets from each type. 

Some cannabis buds are generally suited to give you relaxing effects while others can make you more energetic, productive, or creative. You may just want a cannabis bud that gets you sleepy, but not too sleepy that gets you high. 

So to help you find the right cannabis bud that meets your desired needs, Budtenders come to your rescue. 

Budtenders are the people who have decided to take up the profession of selling you the right weed. They work in dispensaries where medical or recreational cannabis buds are sold. Their job is to offer you suggestions on which cannabis buds you should buy, answer your queries, inform you about the symptoms and handle all cannabis products sold at the dispensary. Budtenders educate you about the effects, benefits, and overall experience of cannabis products.

The term ‘Budtender’ is made by blending two words — bartender and bud. Similar to a bartender, a budtender works within a licensed establishment while the word bud refers to the dried flower tops of the cannabis plants that are consumed for medicinal or recreational purposes. 

Most budtenders are self-taught while some are medically trained. They gain knowledge and skills from cannabis farmers, experts, and extraction technicians. They possess the necessary customer service skills and explain the intrications of cannabis consumption.  

Budtenders have a thorough knowledge of different types of cannabis strains and products available in the market such as flowers, edibles, and concentrates. They know the proper procedure for using different types of cannabis products, their consumption methods, and their medical uses. They study the chemical composition of cannabis products they sell and inform you about responsible dosing. 


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Budtenders have all the information about the local and state regulations and can give you cultivation advice. They stay abreast of new cannabis industry trends, changes in laws of its consumption, and as well as cannabis products that are used to treat symptoms of various medical conditions. 

Budtenders are friendly and are good at understanding a customer’s needs. They have a broad knowledge of cannabis strains, their taste, smell, and effects. This enables them to offer you the best product recommendations based on your preferences. Budtenders are also familiar with the different cannabis accessories such as vaporizers, infusers, pipes, weed grinders, etc.

One of the important tasks of a budtender that comes under delivering good customer service is sharing a personal experience with cannabis products. If you are someone who has never tried cannabis before, budtenders tell you how you would feel and what you would do when you use a certain type of cannabis. They can address all your questions and concerns about using cannabis products, like — What experience are you looking for? How to use the product? How often should you consume it throughout the day? Are these products tested for safety? 

Maintaining hygienic conditions is an important part of a budtender's job. You will see them in tidy attire and tied back hair, wearing gloves and using tongs while touching the products. They follow the guidelines issued by the food and drug industry. They verify your identity and ask certain questions before giving you the product. Budtenders are passionate about their profession and always seek to enhance their and a customer’s knowledge. 

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly and the demand for budtenders has increased. A budtender is considered an entry-level position at most dispensaries and is offered training on the job. The legal age for anyone to become a budtender is around 18 to 21 years in the US. Some states in the US require a special license or a permit to work at a dispensary. But in some states where cannabis is legal, you can easily become a budtender if you have some basic understanding of cannabis products. There are some certification courses available online that provide budtender basics certification and cannabis consultant training. 

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Article by Aanchal Sharma, Beverage Trade Network

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